Reasons to sign-up


RoBOT Automation
Spam can be a frustrating and out-of-control epidemic. Our automated BOTs will process your emails while you are working, saving you valuable time. Rather than getting bogged down by repetetive mouse-clicks, let our system handle your spam problem. SettleSpam will automatically process your emails
Multi-pass processing
We will handle spam effectively with our secure multi-pass processing system. Where other systems rely on one pass only, the powerful SettleSpam system consolidates various criteria by multiple passes, and ensures that your email is processed and cleared anytime.
Automated reports
Our automated system analyzes junk email for criteria that can make it look legit. With our automated reports you can quickly review important messages in a way that differentiates them from junk messages. Our unique approach saves you time and money as only minimal interventions are needed to train the system and reset it for future emails.
Keep most recent only
Ease your inbox by identifying emails that are similar (eg Newsletters) and only keeping the most recent email. The other emails are archived.
Any email which you send SettleSpam scans the TO and the CC and auto white-lists emails including these emails in the future
Daily report
Easily browse all GREY listed email in an efficient daily report. Allows to quickly click to Whitelist any email.
Time-based filter
Setup Filters to move specific emails to alter folders AFTER a specific time. For example you might want an email to appear in your inbox for 6 hours which allows you to read IF you have time, but if you do not it will automatically be moved into a archive folder. This is useful for Newsletters
Override Subject
Specific words in the subject will ensure an email is NOT moved into the GREY list folder. Used when you meet a colleage and eg an event name in the subject will ensure the email stays in your inbox so you see it. You can manage which words keep emails
Sent folder white-list
Logical system will scan your SENT folder ongoing and auto-white list these emails. This ensures people you have emailed will never go into your spam folder for a weird reason

How we are different from the rest...


SettleSpam is an automated, multi-processing application developed by undoLogic. Our novel technology learns your email habits with multi-pass processing, and then adjusts the filtering rules to ensure you only get the email that you want.

Scheduled reports analyze emails in your junk folder and display the ones that are not spam at the top of the list. This great work-flow system makes it possible to work with a spam free inbox. A valuable asset for your daily communication, it frees your busy mornings and lets you choose a convenient time to personalize your email system.

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